The Passionate Fruit

women, narratives, and social justice within constructed spaces of blackness


“The word passion comes from the root word patior, meaning to suffer.  To feel deeply we cannot avoid pain.”– bell hooks in the introduction to Wounds of Passion

“I am passionate about everything in my life–first and foremost, passionate about ideas. And that’s a dangerous person to be in this society, not just because I’m a woman, but because it’s such a fundamentally anti-intellectual, anti-critical thinking society.” –bell hooks Bell Hooks

The above quotes by hooks speak to the personal and life work driving this blog. The Passionate Fruit creates a space were the pain and suffering of our passions as marginalized women bears a purposeful fruit.

Passion Fruit Birthed the Pomegranate…

When the idea for this particular blog was conceived through a brainstorm complete with lightning, thunder and flash flooding.  I engaged the idea with a highly creative mind, a creative mentor, a muse, who is one in the same person.  The Muse asked, “what are you passionate about?”  and without hesitation I asserted, “justice.”  The suggestions that followed seemed unachievable at least from my way of thinking and understanding my “self” at that moment.  The Muse made outlandish requests to go deeper to a place that I learned not to go without a manual.  A simple statement caused me to feel discomfort, “move away from using words like justice, revolution and activism in the title, think,  “not literal but more poetic” the Muse advised.

Like Surya Angelique Shofar “aka” the Eco-Goddess, “I am always pregnant with life and excited about birthing with the seasons!”  However, my Muse presented me with a challenge to be creative in such a way that this pregnancy, this new idea, would be disruptive at worst and uncomfortable at best.  I really had to let go and let Spirit and the Great Feminine guide me on this journey.

I reflected more on the original question at the same time receiving other jewels gifted me by the Muse – “name the site for the audience” and “what is the site to the audience?” – to ponder.  The vessel opened and Passionate Fruit was birthed, the Muse responded, “that’s juicy.”  Now what?  “Give the title to an artist and see what manifests”  In the mean time I played around with the tag line and thought of content, I even drew some images of a line, with a bee, and a flower sprouting.  The Muse asked, “where’s the fruit?”  Now I was involved in the pain of feeling deeply while my passion for the blog intensified and the danger of venturing to someplace in my being that seemed to be uncharted made me anxious. Needless to say I was a bit uncomfortable and becoming increasingly frustrated.

I learned that apparently a Muse does not sway with their mission to inspire you even in the midst of an intellectual/creative tantrum, they calmly continue to direct you toward introspection. Finally, the pomegranate was birthed and the idea of individual seeds connected to a pod of seeds, grouped in community to create a whole, completed the beginning of Passionate Fruit.  The Passionate Fruit had a title and an image, a creation for my audience.

The pomegranate fruit is a sacred symbology in most of the known religions and ancient philosophical systems, the major themes are fertility, protection, abundance and nourishment. I am passionate about the fertility, protection, abundance and nourishment of women navigating through constructed spaces of blackness literally and figuratively and the fruit that they bear.

Welcome to the Passionate Fruit



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  1. Be a vessel for divine truth!

  2. I receive that message from a mighty messenger

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